Do I Need An SEO Consultant?

When Do You Need An SEO Expert?

There is nothing that an SEO consultancy will do that you can’t do on your own if you are prepared to spend the time learning all of the SEO requirements that your website needs to pass through in order to rank well and start to attract good volumes of organic search traffic (which after all is the point of the whole process).

It is possible for anyone to learn the skills needed to rank a website at the top of search, but that does depend on several factors, including; how much time you have available, how quickly you learn and the source of the information that you are using. Here is the problem. Only the top ranking websites have been set up &  SEO’d correctly, so in an ideal world you want their SEO company to do the same for your site.

Alternatively, you want them to teach you what to do and how to do it. Failing that, you want them to at least check that your site is healthy enough to qualify to rank at all. You can check the health of your site at CRWD.

There are obviously a few issues with this. SEO knowledge is like the Coca Cola recipe…. a closely guarded secret. Yes, there are plenty of tutorials out there and available for free or for sale, but if you had the secret recipe to top rankings and the large income that goes along with it, would you give it away?

Would you sell it?

The answer to both those questions is probably no you wouldn’t & it’s the same for the most successful optimization companies online such as SEO³ Search Engine Optimisation services. Get started with your SEO today. Step one is finding out where you are so you can roadmap your route to where you want to be.

Request a free DeehoSEO SEO Audit and you will be able to see what is working and what needs work to align with Googles expectations. This leaves you buying or reading less effective, outdated or plain bad optimization strategies that won’t help you climb online and get to the top of Google.

SEO consultants have on big advantage over individual website owners, they usually have access to a large volume of websites, so even if their particular SEO recipe isn’t as effective as it could be, they can experiment and refine their work, test and measure the results until they have a working optimisation process.

This gives a huge advantage as they have hard proof as to what affects website rankings in SERPs and what doesn’t. A good optimisation company won’t be cheap, but it is the most cost effective option when compared with spending your money on a less successful SEO “expert” only to find that he doesn’t know how to get you to the top of search.

Once your site on-page is optimised to rank well, you will need to cultivate some high quality relevant one way backlinks with trust and authority scores that will help your Google rankings. OWL high quality, relevant  one way backlinks are Google friendly and designed to improve your rankings and traffic.