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Office Cleaning for London Business

As the UK goes back to work, more responsibility is falling on the cleaning industry to keep us all safe.

Across London, many offices are beginning to plan how to reopen safely.

With more employees working from home, it is likely that businesses will switch to hot desking so that staff only attend the office for a few days each week, working from home the rest of the time.

Hot desking will allow companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Less energy use in the office, lower costs, and reduced staff commuting costs. Great for a companies carbon footprint and ticking those all important green boxes, but less than ideal in many instances for productivity.

Some employees may feel unsafe returning to an office environment, even with the safety steps you may take.

Social distancing is after all harder indoors, in work surroundings.

Keeping workstations clean and virus free is of course critical. Cleaning contractors may be expected on site more often, with more frequent clean downs to keep the virus at bay.

It would be all too easy to allow COVID-19 to have a second wave if our standards of cleaning are not effectively maintained.

Deep cleaning on a regular basis is important if we are going to be able to restart our economy and prevent a very damaging recession.

With all staff working in cooperation with each other, we can provide safe working spaces.

An increase in disinfecting, deep cleaning and wipe downs for shared spaces will keep people safe from harm.

We are all cautious and unwilling to take unnecessary risks with our health. That is only natural, but as instances of infection fall, we can return to work, maintain levels of cleanliness and keep people safe while also allowing business to get into gear and thrive once more.

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