Driving Within the Law

Driving Within the Law

The majority of drivers on Britain’s roads today, are more interested in the quieter side of motoring life, and keeping a clean license than ever before.

This may well be that statistics show that offences caused by motorists vastly outnumber any other form of offence, so that the likelihood is, that they can be picked up almost unawares.

The types of driving offences by legislation are many and varied, but by far out in front (no pun) are speeding offences.

There are others which feature highly, such as undue care and attention, eating, or using a mobile phone whilst driving, and still a surprisingly high number of drink or drug and driving offences, but for obvious reasons, most caught are for speeding.

The offence of speeding is the easiest to monitor by far, with autonomous machines setting speed limits, photographing Continue reading “Driving Within the Law”