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Office Cleaning for London Business

As the UK goes back to work, more responsibility is falling on the cleaning industry to keep us all safe.

Across London, many offices are beginning to plan how to reopen safely.

With more employees working from home, it is likely that businesses will switch to hot desking so that staff only attend the office for a few days each week, working from home the rest of the time.

Hot desking will allow companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Less energy use in the office, lower costs, and reduced staff commuting costs. Great for a companies carbon footprint and ticking those all important green boxes, but less than ideal in many instances for productivity.

Some employees may feel unsafe returning to an office environment, even with the safety steps you may take.

Social distancing is after all harder indoors, in work surroundings.

Keeping workstations clean and virus free is of course critical. Cleaning contractors may be expected on site more often, with more frequent clean downs to keep the virus at bay.

It would be all too easy to allow COVID-19 to have a second wave if our standards of cleaning are not effectively maintained.

Deep cleaning on a regular basis is important if we are going to be able to restart our economy and prevent a very damaging recession.

With all staff working in cooperation with each other, we can provide safe working spaces.

An increase in disinfecting, deep cleaning and wipe downs for shared spaces will keep people safe from harm.

We are all cautious and unwilling to take unnecessary risks with our health. That is only natural, but as instances of infection fall, we can return to work, maintain levels of cleanliness and keep people safe while also allowing business to get into gear and thrive once more.

London Office Cleaners are deep cleaning specialists, looking for more London offices to maintain.

How To Network The Hell Out Of A Room

How To Network The Crap Out Of A Room

Networking is a skill. Working a room isn’t the same as attending a room.

Lots of people attend, but few know the secrets that can make networking so profitable.

The Basics

Take literature with you. Whether it’s business cards, leaflets, brochures or whatever. Interested people will struggle to get in touch if you don’t make it easy for them to do so.

Smile. You may not feel comfortable, you may not be in your comfort zone, but smile. Act like you are enjoying yourself and are pleased to meet people. It will make you more approachable.

Never be the first give your business card, show some interest in the people you are talking to and ask for their cards. They in turn will then accept yours gratefully.

Networking is a skill. The most important thing to remember is that you are not there to sell to these people, you are there to build relationships so that these people sell your goods and services for you.

Networking works best when you learn to piggyback off businesses with similar client bases to your own.

A domestic decorator and an interior designer have similar clients. If you are smart about building your business, align yourself with non competing businesses that already have the clients that you are looking for.

Often the best way of getting a business owner to help you is to help them. Everyone is at a networking event because they want to find new business opportunities. Pay attention to who they want to meet and do what you can to help them and in return, they will subconsciously feel obliged to reciprocate and help you with new business opportunities too.

Learn how to become a serious networker at top networking events like The ROOM in Bedford, one of the premier breakfast networking events in Bedfordshire.

It’s often said in networking circles that you only get out what you put in and it’s very true. If you help others, they will help you.

Shopping Online & Internet Safety

The Art of Shopping Online

Shopping online is becoming very popular indeed, in fact around three quarters of the population of Britain have used the internet for buying something online.

The amounts being spent worldwide on online shopping are now reckoned in hundreds of billions of pounds, and rising. It seems that a very fundamental change is taking place in the retail scene, and shopping online is becoming the first place to go to rather than the High street or shopping mall.

The reasons are simple, it is so convenient, open for business whenever you want, with a seemingly never ending range of goods and prices. As commonplace as it becomes, you should never overlook the fact that every time you purchase, you are giving your personal financial details to someone over the internet, and it is prudent to remember a few Continue reading “Shopping Online & Internet Safety”

Do I Need An SEO Consultant?

When Do You Need An SEO Expert?

There is nothing that an SEO consultancy will do that you can’t do on your own if you are prepared to spend the time learning all of the SEO requirements that your website needs to pass through in order to rank well and start to attract good volumes of organic search traffic (which after all is the point of the whole process).

It is possible for anyone to learn the skills needed to rank a website at the top of search, but that does depend on several factors, including; how much time you have available, how quickly you learn and the Continue reading “Do I Need An SEO Consultant?”

Driving Within the Law

Driving Within the Law

The majority of drivers on Britain’s roads today, are more interested in the quieter side of motoring life, and keeping a clean license than ever before.

This may well be that statistics show that offences caused by motorists vastly outnumber any other form of offence, so that the likelihood is, that they can be picked up almost unawares.

The types of driving offences by legislation are many and varied, but by far out in front (no pun) are speeding offences.

There are others which feature highly, such as undue care and attention, eating, or using a mobile phone whilst driving, and still a surprisingly high number of drink or drug and driving offences, but for obvious reasons, most caught are for speeding.

The offence of speeding is the easiest to monitor by far, with autonomous machines setting speed limits, photographing Continue reading “Driving Within the Law”